Three murder suspects remanded in Veria

Three people implicated in the murder of a 43-year-old Albanian national earlier this month, including the victim’s mother-in-law, a 53-year-old Greek woman, were remanded in custody on Wednesday after testifying before an investigating magistrate in Veria, northern Greece.

The 53-year-old and her husband, 54, are accused of hiring a 48-year-old hit man to kill their son-in-law in Imathia.

The hit man, who is alleged to have been paid 2,500 euros for the killing, was also remanded along with another 48-year-old who is believed to have put the in-laws in touch with him.

The magistrate is due to hear from another two suspects – the father-in-law and a 36-year-old man alleged to be an accomplice.

Investigators are seeking the victim’s remains, which are believed to be buried in forestland on the outskirts of Veria.