Christodoulos on godless EU

The head of the Church of Greece on Saturday castigated as «unfair and historically ignorant» the ommission of any reference to Europe’s Christian heritage in the draft EU constitution. Speaking at the start of a four-day visit to Samos, Archbishop Christodoulos complained that «a small minority insists on excluding Christianity from the culture of Europe.» «This is not only historically ignorant, but also unfair to a continent and its peoples that have benefited in many ways from Christianity,» the archbishop said. The draft EU constitution, prepared by the European Convention under former French President Valery Giscard d’Estaing, was approved by EU leaders during the June summit in Halkidiki. The final document will be shaped before the 10 new EU members join the Union next May, following discussions beginning in October by the intergovernmental conference. Christian churches are lobbying strongly for inclusion of a reference to Europe’s Christian heritage in the final text.