ELA terror suspect in Church bid

Suspected Revolutionary Popular Struggle (ELA) terrorist Angeletos Kanas has appealed to the head of the Church of Greece for support following Korydallos Prison authorities’ refusal to allow him to attend services at the prison chapel, a report said on Saturday. Kanas, 52, an electrician who was elected mayor of the small Cycladic island of Kimolos last autumn, was arrested in late January and charged with participation in a killing as well as a series of attempted murders and bomb attacks carried out by the extreme left-wing group between 1988-95. According to a report in Saturday’s Ta Nea daily, Kanas wrote to Archbishop Christodoulos complaining that Korydallos authorities will not allow him attend services with other inmates. «Even the (WWII) German occupying forces did not ban church attendance,» he said, rejecting a compromise under which a priest would visit him in his cell. «I am still alive, I have not rotted away yet,» Kanas argued. «Only the dying receive cell visits from priests.» Another three ELA suspects have been arrested.