All change for public transport ticket policy

There will be a change in ticket prices on Athens’s public transport system from Monday, when some new tickets will also be made available to commuters.

The current basic ticket, which allows commuters to use any mode of transport for 90 minutes, will drop from 1.40 to 1.20 euros. However, it will only be valid for 70 minutes. This also means those using just buses, tram or trolley buses will lose out as tickets for just those transport modes were already 1.20 euros and were good for 90 minutes.

A new five-day travelcard will be introduced. It will cost 10 euros and replace the weekly ticket, which costs 14 euros. The price of monthly travelcards will be reduced from 45 to 30 euros. A travelcard lasting three months and costing 88 euros is to be brought in from Monday, along with with a six-month ticket that will set commuters back 170 euros. Annual travelcards will cost 320 euros.