Dijsselbloem hails Greek progress

High sovereign debt and unemployment are the major issues plaguing Greece’a economy, eurogroup chief Jeroen Dijsselbloem told the European Parliament’s economic and monetary committee in Brussels on Thursday.

Dijsselbloem noted the country’s considerable fiscal progress and the sacrifices made by the Greek people, while predicting that the economy could return to growth within the current year.

On the subject of further financial assistance to Greece, the eurogroup head said the issue could figure on the discussion agenda following the completion of the current evaluation already underway in Paris.

“The government is negotiating and maintaining the country on a sustainable level, while at the same time trying to get it out of the crisis,” said coalition government spokeswoman, Sophia Voultepsi, speaking to Skai tv on Thursday, with regard to the ongoing talks between Greek officials and troika representatives in the French capital.

The Paris talks were not solely “technical” but “substantial” noted Voultepsi, adding that Greece’s institutional partners recognized the country’s efforts.