2 at fault in triangle shooting

A witness to a murder attempt who fails to intervene may, under certain circumstances, be considered an accomplice, according to a Supreme Court decision made public yesterday. The court was ruling on the case of a woman whose boyfriend tried to shoot dead a pestiferous former lover of hers with a shotgun outside the couple’s home. The woman, whose name was not made public, made no effort to prevent the shooting, although she ignored a request by her current lover to help improve his aim by shining a light on his rival. The Supreme Court found that there were serious indications the woman had «morally aided» the gunman with her presence at the scene, and had bolstered her boyfriend’s determination to kill her former lover. The Council of Appeals Court Judges had issued a similar decision. The court heard that the former lover, whom the woman had abandoned before taking up with her current boyfriend, had repeatedly harassed the couple, and on the night of the shooting was trying to force his way into their house.