Maziotis claims responsibility for April bomb at central Athens bank

Nikos Maziotis, the Revolutionary Struggle leader who was arrested this summer, claimed responsibility on Saturday for a large explosion at the Bank of Greece’s offices in central Athens on April 10.

In a statement published online, Maziotis said the bomb attack was carried out as a response to the “genocidal policies” carried out by “supranational capital, the International Monetary Fund, the European Commission, the European Central Bank and the Greek State.”

Maziotis is currently being held in Diavata Prison in Thessaloniki since his arrest in central Athens on July 16, following a shootout with police.

The device which exploded outside the Bank of Greece in April contained around 75 kilos of explosives and caused extensive damage and minor injuries.

In his statement, the convicted terrorist said he was pleased that Piraeus Bank’s central offices had been damaged in the blast because “it has become one of the biggest systemic Greek banks, playing a key role in the robbing of the people with the help of the memorandums.”