Police report identifies officers with ties to Golden Dawn

A year after the killing of leftist rapper Pavlos Fyssas by a Golden Dawn supporter amid allegations of links between the neofascist party and the Hellenic Police, a report by the force’s internal affairs department has identified several officers alleged to have been affiliated with the party and to have covered up for offenses attributed to GD supporters.

The report, which is the product of a year of investigation, comes as prosecutors prepare for a criminal trial against dozens of Golden Dawn members in the coming weeks.

Judicial officials have been given the details of all the officers identified in the report.

One of the suspects is a 48-year-old officer in the security detail of a shipowner and former member of the police’s special forces unit (EKAM). The man, known as “Babis,” is said to have publicly declared his allegiance to Golden Dawn and traded in tasers and is alleged to have been involved in a scuffle with a leftist SYRIZA MP.

The report also identified an officer of the Galatsi precinct’s security police as a member of Golden Dawn known as “the Patissia torturer.” He is alleged to have displayed racist behavior toward immigrants and to have refused to record claims of violence implicating his colleagues.

An officer from the Nikaia police precinct is alleged to have been bribed by GD officials to not deal with cases implicating party supporters. Another officer from Larissa, aged 38, is alleged to have collaborated with a GD MP in an attack a migrant.

The report also refers to a policeman at the migrant detention center in Amygdaleza in northern Athens who is alleged to have beaten immigrants there, cursing their religion and declaring himself a Golden Dawn supporter.

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