Escaped lifer arrested for sex turf shooting

An escaped convict serving a life sentence for the murder of a policeman was arrested in Athens early yesterday on suspicion of having shot a man in the buttocks outside an Exarchia bar in the early hours of Thursday. Panayiotis Anastasiou, 35, allegedly pulled the trigger on Nikandros Skoutelis, 27, on the corner of Solonos and Zoodochou Pigis streets, after an argument over which of the two men’s girlfriends would work the area as a prostitute, police sources said. Police arrested a second man suspected of having been with Anastasiou at the scene of the attack, and are seeking a third. Skoutelis was recovering in hospital yesterday. Anastasiou had broken a five-day furlough from the Halkida prison on August 2. Apart from the life term for the 1993 policeman’s killing, he was also serving a 23-year sentence for robbery and grievous bodily harm.