ND marks 25th anniversary of Pavlos Bakoyannis assasination

New Democracy officials over the weekend marked the 25th anniversary since the assassination by the November 17 terrorist group of conservative politician Pavlos Bakoyannis, late husband of ND cadre Dora Bakoyannis and brother-in-law of Administrative Reform Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis.

“Twenty-five years without Pavlo. We missed you, we miss you and we will continue to miss you,” wrote Dora Bakoyannis on her Twitter account.

New Democracy’s political council commemorated the September 26, 1989, assassination with a formal statement, while the party’s youth wing, ONNED, published a poster bearing his photograph and words of remembrance.

Pavlos Bakoyannis was gunned down in front of his Athens office by members of the radical Marxist group N17.