Minister accuses municipal workers’ union of covering up illegal contracts

Administrative Reform Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis on Wednesday accused the union representing municipal workers, POE-OTA, of resisting the government’s attempts to review the contracts of local government employees who had their fixed-term agreements made permanent almost a decade ago.

“The only reason that POE-OTA is reacting is because it knows the truth, which is that many contract workers did not fulfill the criteria to have their work agreements changed,” Mitsotakis told Real FM as union members protested outside his ministry during a work stoppage.

“The government wants to restore law and order. The only thing we want to check is if employees were given permanent positions even if they did not meet the criteria set out in the presidential decree at the time.”

POE-OTA, however, continued to resist the government’s attempts to review the documents, arguing that it was just an excuse to sack municipal employees.