UK teen killed in Rhodes club

In yet another incident involving drunk, disorderly British tourists on holiday in Greece, a UK teenager had his throat slit early yesterday by fellow holidaymakers at a notorious seaside resort on Rhodes. Paddy Doran, 17, died at around 2.30 a.m. in a nightclub at the village of Faliraki – a favorite destination for young British tourists on cheap package holidays – after being stabbed with a broken bottle that severed his carotid artery. Police said the attack took place during a drunken brawl involving at least 10 UK nationals, but the cause of the fight was unclear. Officers arrested seven British tourists, identified as David Bramall, 32; John Graham, 23; Paul Donn, 26; Steven Renshaw, 34; Warren Sandalis, 22; Thomas Delangy, 27 and Brian Malais, 25. They are expected to be charged today. Police are seeking another two Britons in connection with the murder. Never famous for its cultural attractions or extreme natural beauty, over the past couple of years Faliraki has been attracting an increasing number of young British tourists intent on having a riotously good time in the dozens of pubs and nightclubs that jostle for custom in what was once a quiet seaside hamlet. The place appears to have replaced Ayia Napa in Cyprus as a prime destination for rowdy Britons. Dodecanese Police Chief Ilias Halyvopoulos told Kathimerini that over 20 officers patrol Faliraki on a daily basis from June to September. «Naturally, we cannot put policemen inside clubs,» he said. «But we are doing all that is humanly possible.» Last Tuesday, about the same time as the attack on Doran, a 30-year-old British tourist died trying to scramble under a Faliraki garbage truck in what appears to have been a drunken dare that went badly wrong.