Spectator injured at test event

A spectator, attending one of last week’s Olympic test events at the restored ancient stadium in Athens where the first modern Games were staged in 1896, is in the hospital after being injured last week inside a fenced-off part of the venue, 2004 organizers admitted yesterday. An Athens 2004 announcement said the man was injured on Thursday «after entering a section that was off-limits due to construction work.» The man, identified by The Associated Press as Chrysanthos Marinos, 24, «suffered a deep injury to the calf and is still in the hospital,» the statement said. Quoting a police announcement, the AP said a marble slab tipped and struck Marinos in the leg as he leaned on it to take a photograph during the archery event. The Athens 2004 Organizing Committee claimed to have come clean on the accident last Friday, but Kathimerini’s English Edition has received no such notification. The marble stadium, restored in the 19th century to host the 1896 Games, is slowly undergoing repairs after earthquake damage in 1999. It will be used for the Olympic archery competition.