Thirty-seven face prosecutor over weekend violence [Video]

A total of 37 suspects arrested during violent clashes with police in central Athens over this weekend were to appear before a prosecutor on Tuesday on a range of charges including willful damage, possession of explosives and disturbing the peace.

Meanwhile, police on Monday released thermal footage captured from a helicopter during clashes in the Exarchia district on Saturday night following a protest march to mark the anniversary of an unarmed teenager’s killing by police in 2008.

People on terraces can be seen throwing objects and homemade explosives at units of riot policemen operating in the streets below.

Police on Monday said that one officer was injured after a flower pot landed on his head on Stournari Street. Among the missiles used to target police was a refrigerator which was thrown off a second-floor apartment balcony on Ekonomou Street.

One plainclothes policeman was being treated at the 401 Military Hospital after he was attacked and allegedly robbed by a group of hooded men near the former headquarters of the GSEE labor union on Patission Street. Nineteen suspects have been charged in connection with the assault after they were arrested at the scene.

In a related development, police on Monday said they had launched an internal investigation after video footage from the demonstrations showed a riot policeman punching and kicking a handcuffed protester.

Speaking about the incident, which was captured by Reuters, the officer is said to have told his colleagues that “everything went blank.”