Supreme Court rejects Nikos Romanos appeal

The Supreme Court in Tuesday rejected an appeal by the defense of convicted bank robber Nikos Romanos to overturn a decision by a lower court refusing a petition for education furlough.

Romanos’s lawyer, Frangiskos Ragousis, filed an appeal with the country’s highest court to overturn a ruling by the Piraeus Judicial Council, which is responsible for issues such as prison leave.

“The petition had very few chances of success; the [Supreme] Court deals with legal issues,” judicial sources told Skai on Tuesday.

Romanos, 21, entered the 30th day of a hunger strike on Tuesday in demand that he be allowed to attend classes at Athens Technical College, where he was admitted after passing university entrance exams he sat in prison. He has threatened to refuse liquids as well unless his demand his met.

Romanos, a self-proclaimed anarchist, is serving a 16-year sentence for armed robbery.