Venizelos adds to doubts about Papandreou, PASOK

Deputy Prime Minister Evangelos Venizelos sparked further doubt Friday about George Papandreou’s future in PASOK by suggesting that he no longer considers the former prime minister part of the party.

“We have no internal issues at PASOK,” said Venizelos in response to a journalist’s question about Papandreou’s indication that he might form a new party if snap elections are held. “There are only external issues at PASOK and we do not concern ourselves with those.”

The Socialists also put out a statement criticizing Filippos Sachinidis and Thanos Moraitis for being broadly supportive of Papandreou’s proposals, which included the formation of a new government if a president is elected this month.

PASOK accused the lawmakers, who it did not name, of “undermining the efforts of the party and the country.”

Sachinidis had earlier called for SYRIZA to join the government if Stavros Dimas is elected as president but for Prime Minister Antonis Samaras to step down.