Tsipras takes turn in blame game with government

SYRIZA leader Alexis Tsipras hit back on Saturday at claims by Premier Antonis Samaras that if there are early elections and a leftist government takes over Greece could be threatened by an exit from the euro by labeling him the “prime minister of chaos” and accusing the New Democracy leader of encouraging turmoil.

“He is acting as if he wants there to be chaos just before he leaves office in case he can frighten people and MPs,” said the SYRIZA leader at a party event on Crete.

“What is currently happening in Greece is unbelievable: The country’s prime minister is essentially calling on his MPs to destabilize the country.”

Tsipras accused Samaras of being disingenuous by claiming that Greece could face a euro exit only months after the prime minister insisted that there was no longer any danger of Greece leaving the single currency.

Government spokeswoman Sofia Voultepsi responded by accusing Tsipras and his party of spooking markets with their comments. “The only architect of chaos in this country is Mr Tsipras,” she said.

Apart from the premier’s attacks, the opposition party has also been angered by comments from European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker and others in Brussels backing the government ahead of the presidential elections. The European Left, the grouping of Europe’s leftist parties, also slammed EU officials in a statement on Saturday.

“This pressure from the European Commission on the electoral process of a sovereign country is unbearable, and gives rise to serious questions for the future of democracy in Europe,” said Pierre Laurent, president of the European Left.

“I call all democrats to express themselves against these authoritarian practices that have no place to be. The process must take its course, even toward parliamentary elections, if the ruling coalition does not obtain the necessary majority in the presidential election.”