SYRIZA MEP calls on Juncker to answer for ‘political intervention’ in Greece

SYRIZA MEP Dimitris Papadimoulis has called on European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker to explain himself over comments favouring the current government, accusing the former Luxembourg prime minister of “political intervention” in Greece.

“Which article of EU treaties give the Commission or any other EU body the right to intervene in the political situation of member states, even expressing their political preferences?” wrote Papadimoulis in a question submitted to the Commission.

“If he ever dared to make a similar intervention before elections in the United Kingdom or German, who would not last 24 hours,” said Papadimoulis.

In remarks carried late on Thursday by Austrian broadcaster ORF, Juncker said that he would prefer “familiar faces” to be in power in Greece.

“I assume that the Greeks — who don’t have an easy life, above all the many poor people — know very well what a wrong election result would mean for Greece and the euro zone,» he said.

“I won’t express my own opinion. I just wouldn’t like extremist forces to take the wheel.