Kouvelis leaves door open for DIMAR MPs to vote for president

Democratic Left leader Fotis Kouvelis says he will not criticize his MPs if they choose to go against the party line and vote for the government’s presidential candidate, Stavros Dimas.

“IF a DIMAR MP votes for the president of the republic, I will in no way consider them apostates or venal,” said Kouvelis.

So far, DIMAR’s official position is that its 10 MPs should not vote for Dimas.

Kouvelis also said that there had been no decision taken regarding whether DIMAR will disband and its members join SYRIZA if snap elections are held.

Former DIMAR MP Spyros Lykoudis said on Monday that he would vote for Dimas in all three rounds. The first is due to be held on Wednesday, while the final ballot is scheduled for December 29.