Leftist SYRIZA leading ND by 3.2 pct, survey shows

A new poll published Wednesday, a few hours before Greek MPs start the first round of crucial voting to determine whether Parliament will elect a new president or whether the country will head to national elections, showed leftist SYRIZA opposition gaining a 3.2 percent lead over New Democracy, the larger of the two parties involved in Greece’s coalition government.

Asked who they would vote for if elections were held now, 23.3 percent of the people polled by Vcitizens that was published Wednesday in Efimerida ton Syntakton newspaper, said they would cast their ballot in favor of SYRIZA and 2o.1 percent responded ND.

Neofascist Golden Dawn polled in third place on 6.1 percent, followed by the Greek Communist Party (KKE) on 4.9 percent, and centrist Potami on 4.2 percent. Coalition partners PASOK polled at 3.1 percent, just above the threshold for entering Parliament. According to the poll the right-wing anti-bailout Independent Greeks and Democratic Left (DIMAR) would not win enough support to make it into the House.