Kammenos not sure about party MPs in presidential vote

Independent Greeks chief Panos Kammenos has voiced doubts whether all of his deputies will stick to the party line in Greece’s presidential vote – a watershed moment for Greece’s conservative-led administration.

“It’s difficult given this situation,” Kammenos told the Financial Times in an interview published ahead of the first of three possible votes Wednesday. “But we must all of us stick to the anti-austerity mandate the Greek people gave us at the last election,” he told the newspaper.

The right-wing, anti-bailout party of Kammenos, who broke away from New Democracy in 2012, currently controls 12 seats in the 300-member assembly.

According to a poll made public Wednesday, if elections were held now Independent Greeks would not win enough support to enter Parliament. Conducted by Vcitizens for the Efimerida ton Syntakton newspaper, the survey found that only 2.4 percent would vote for the party.