Probe into revenues of 2 mln euros in Halkidiki municipality

Judicial authorities in Thessaloniki are investigating how some 2 million euros in revenues were put to use by the former municipality of Nea Kallikratia on the Halkidiki peninsula.

In the period between 2003-2008, the municipal authority, which was later merged into a larger unit as part of a local administration overhaul, reported revenues of around 2 million euros from the settlement of debts and fines owed by homeowners. Under the regulations of the municipal mergers, this money was intended to fund public works project.

The initial investigation conducted by the Financial Crime Squad (SDOE) found that this did not happen in Kallikratia and also failed to turn up a plausible explanation of where the money went.

The prosecutor now in charge of the case will determine whether criminal charges should be brought against former municipal officials.