Civil servants to grade evaluation scheme

As of Monday, Greek civil servants are now able to have a say in the public sector evaluation scheme that is currently undergoing fine-tuning by the Ministry of Administrative Reform.

By logging into the website, visitors will find a detailed overview of the proposed model before being asked to complete a questionnaire regarding the evaluation blueprint. Users are not requested to reveal their personal details.

During a presentation of the online platform yesterday, Administrative Reform Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis said that comments and observations will be taken into consideration before the bill is finalized. Further changes could result from the process of public consultation which is set to launch in the coming days, he said.

“We are interested in the opinion of civil servants themselves; this is why we have created this new website,” Mitsotakis said.

The conservative-led government has vowed that the new system – which will affect hirings, transfers and promotions inside the public sector – will bolster meritocracy and productivity in the country’s notoriously dysfunctional public sector. It hopes to do so by introducing pay incentives and excellence awards, among other things.

Establishing an assessment scheme for Greece’s job-for-life civil servants was among the list of reforms requested by the debt-hit country’s foreign lenders.