‘Moment of truth has arrived,” says deputy PM

“The moment of truth has arrived and Greeks now hold their fate in their hands,” Deputy Prime Minister Evangelos Venizelos said on Monday as Greece heads to early elections, possibly at the end of next month, after the coalition government failed to gather the support it needed from the country’s lawmakers to elect a new president.

“The country is headed to elections, the economy to a state of uncertainty and instability due to the common course followed by the disparate forces of the opposition that belong to the democratic arch, but also to the lawmakers of Golden Dawn,” Venizelos said.

“Such is the onus of democracy and I hope it does not have deeper consequences,” the head of government coalition partner PASOK said.

PASOK “has been maimed, hurt, humiliated and made the scapegoat in order to prop up the country,” the leader of the socialist party, which has seen its popularity plummet to single figures since the start of the crisis, added.