Warning of storms on way

Local authorities went on the alert yesterday afternoon as the weather bureau issued a storm warning, forecasting imminent gale-force winds, rain, hail and lighting for the Ionian Islands and mainland Greece. The General Secretariat for Civil Defense has advised the public to take precautions if caught in a storm. Inside buildings, people should not touch electrical appliances, telephones or plumbing. Television sets are particularly dangerous and should be disconnected from both the aerial and power source. If outside, one should find shelter if possible, otherwise it is best to curl up in a crouching position, if possible under low scrub, and get rid of any metal objects in or on clothing. At all costs, one should avoid standing near trees, pylons, power lines, fences, or large bodies of water. Swimmers should get out of the water immediately. The phenomena were expected to be particularly severe in Macedonia, Thessaly, mainland Greece and the mountains of the Peloponnese. Two people were killed by separate lightning bolts in northern Greece on Aug. 7.