Temperatures to drop sharply, meteorologists warn

Meteorologists warned on Monday that temperatures are expected to plummet across the country Tuesday and Wednesday, prompting authorities in Athens and Thessaloniki to take special measures to help people sleeping on the streets of the two cities.

Snow is forecast in northern, central and eastern Greece, as strong winds coming in from the north push temperatures down several degrees in most parts of the country.

Winds will reach gale force in the northern Aegean. In Athens and Thessaloniki, municipal authorities are working with nongovernmental organizations to provide emergency assistance to the homeless.

In the capital, two heated municipal spaces (at 60 Taygetou Street and at Lenorman & 35 Alexandrias) will be open all day and night to provide shelter. In Thessaloniki, heated spaces will be open at 35 Langada and 27 Alexandrias streets. Meanwhile, the management of Aegean Motorway in central Greece have warned motorists to drive with caution on the highway.