Snow and ice close roads in several parts of Greece, including capital

Heavy snowfall and icy conditions in many parts of Greece have resulted in several roads being closed to traffic in the north, as well as in mountainous regions in central Greece and near the capital, Athens.

On Mount Pendeli, north of Athens, the stretch of Pendeli Highway from the 414 Military Hospital to the Aghios Petros junction has been closed off by orders of the police. Snow was also falling at midday in the capital’s northern suburbs, though it has not hampered travel.

Northern Greece has seen the heaviest snowfall from a cold snap that swept into the country in the early hours of Tuesday, with police shutting down parts of the rural highways leading from Kastoria to Florina and to Ioannena.

There is also no access to the ski resorts of Vorras in Pella and Kalavryta in the northern Peloponnese, while on the island of Evia, motorists are advised to avoid the stretch of road between Halkida and Edipsos.

Motorists, especially in rural and mountainous parts of the country, are advised to limit their travels and to ensure that all necessary precautions have been taken, such as having snow chains for their vehicles.

The cold snap, which has also brought gale-force winds to the north of the Ionian and Aegean seas, is expected to begin abating by Thursday.