The two sides of the electoral battle

Giorgos Souflias and Michalis Chrysochoidis both play major roles on the political stage. Together with the leaders of the two largest parties, they will be among the protagonists of the upcoming electoral contest. Kathimerini had the opportunity to talk to both and to decipher their basic ideas; the ideas that will determine the electoral battle. Thessalian Souflias is the architect of the New Democracy platform, the person who is closer than anyone else to party leader Costas Karamanlis. He is a man who radiates reliability and who can communicate with the average person. In precise, honest discourse, he sums up the basic arguments of ND’s Rigillis headquarters, and puts across clearly the burden of the rhetoric that the opposition will deploy during the election campaign. Macedonian Chrysochoidis is a new figure in PASOK, a politician who has risen in recent years by means of effective stints in crucial government posts. The successor to former party general secretary Costas Laliotis, he aims to adapt PASOK in line with European social democracy, to reorganize the ruling party and to emphasize ideology once more in the showdown with ND. He still speaks indirectly at many points, making reference to a new party that will attempt to win back the multitudinous middle class, but by using new arguments and methods. Conversations with the two men certainly show up the great weaknesses of Greece, weaknesses that threaten Greek society and must be dealt with so that the country can become more stable, steer away from the toils of corruption, and support new efforts to create development and wealth, which are the only things that can build up the prosperity of the people.