In Italian hospital since ferry fire, last Greek returns home

Petros Lianos, the last Greek national who had remained hospitalized in Italy after being rescued from the Norman Atlantic following a fire that broke out on the Italian-flagged, Greek-chartered vessel on December 28, returned to Athens on Monday.

On the same day, firefighters at the port of Brindisi were conducting investigations in the vessel’s hold while the boat was expected to be towed closer to the docks within the next few days.

Italian authorities reiterated their stance that the Norman Atlantic’s transfer to Bari would take place only if certain security measures were in place.

Reports in the Italian media suggested that the vessel’s second black box data recorder had been retrieved, but that it might have been damaged as it was discovered in the area where the fire had started.

Meanwhile, autopsies on the nine bodies recovered so far on board the Norman Atlantic, which was rented by Anek Lines, are expected to take place next Monday.