SYRIZA to unveil its candidates for elections

SYRIZA is due to announce its candidates for the upcoming elections Friday. They will include some independent MPs who did not vote in favor of the government’s presidential candidate last month, while other lawmakers who contributed to snap elections being called have been left out.

The party’s central committee approved the final list Thursday night in a session that took place behind closed doors after local organizations had put forward their proposals.

Sources said that two former Independent Greeks MPs, Rachil Makri and Chrysoula Giatagana, had been rejected but ex-PASOK lawmakers Theodora Tzakri and Theodoros Parastatidis are set to be included on the candidates list. Another former PASOK deputy, Markos Bolaris, was not included on the list.

A well-known personality who is due to be announced as a SYRIZA candidate Friday is US-based economist Yanis Varoufakis. London-based Costas Lapavitsas, also an economist, will not be included among the leftist party’s hopefuls.

SYRIZA is further expected to include a retired senior military officer and a retired judge high up on the list of state candidates, who do not stand for election but are awarded seats in Parliament according to what percentage of the vote the party wins.