Snow puts Tinos in state of emergency

The Cycladic island of Tinos faces a third difficult day Friday after heavy snowfall disabled much of its infrastructure as well as isolating several villages, prompting the General Secretariat for Civil Protection to declare a state of emergency there Thursday.

At least eight villages on Tinos were cut off Thursday as snow levels reached up to 2 meters while schools and public services remained closed. The Hellenic Navy said it would dispatch a vessel to Tinos to accommodate some of the islanders until water and electricity are restored but it remained unclear which of the island’s 9,000 or so inhabitants would be given priority. Greece’s power grid operator, DEDDHE, sent a crew to the island Thursday to repair the damage wreaked on the local network by days of heavy snow and strong winds. Workers initially had problems navigating the rough terrain but were gradually restoring the service, according to local reports.

As the nearby island of Andros was suffering similar problems Thursday, it is likely that a state of emergency will also be declared there by Friday.

An enduring cold snap left much of the country, including parts of Attica, Crete and many of the Cycladic islands, covered with snow Thursday, with dozens of schools closed as transport on many roads remained perilous. Several parts of northern Attica remained difficult to access, including Drosia, Dionysos, Varybobi and Thrakomakedones. Many schools in northern and eastern Attica were forced to close Thursday. Schools in Ekali are to remain closed Friday.