Seamen worried by Norman Atlantic probe’s slow pace

The representatives of four seamen’s unions expressed concern on Friday at the lack of progress in investigating the causes of the Norman Atlantic tragedy, which has so far led to 10 confirmed deaths, including three Greeks.

The four unions (PEMEN, Stefenson, PEMEAGEN and PEPRN) expressed concern at the delay in dealing with the fire on board the passenger ferry soon after it had sailed from Igoumenitsa for Italy and in getting to the bottom of what caused the fire and what happened on board subsequently.

“Even today we do not know if the fire alarm sounded and if someone stopped it,” said PEMEN president Savvas Stimboglou. Many of the survivors have said that they did not hear an alarm on the Italian-flagged ship, which had been hired by Anek Lines.

The unions put forward a 10-point plan for improving safety on ferries.