Probe sheds light on Xeros partner

Counterterrorism officers have been closely examining a handful of witness accounts detailing the alleged efforts of a 22-year-old woman believed to have been an accomplice to November 17 convict Christodoulos Xeros to procure large quantities of chemicals that are used in bomb making.

According to the testimony of two employees of a chemical wholesale store in Nea Halkidona, north of Athens, a woman matching the description of the suspect, who has been identified by police as Angeliki Sp., attempted to purchase a large quantity of nitromethane, a fuel which is used in motorsports and hobbies but can also be combined with other chemicals to construct bombs. The woman claimed she wanted the chemical for her uncle who builds toy models, according to the two shop attendants who did not sell her the product. They said her hair seemed lighter than in the police identity card photo made public earlier this month. The 22-year-old eventually procured the chemical from a store in Piraeus, according to sources.

Another valuable deposition is that of a warehouse owner in Aspropyrgos, west of Athens, who provided investigators with details about another suspected accomplice of Xeros. The man – identified as Apostolos P., a 55-year-old resident of Koropi – rented the warehouse in Aspropyrgos as well as Xeros’s hideout in Loutraki, Kathimerini understands.

Following the arrest late on Tuesday of two suspected Xeros accomplices, a 54-year-old former police officer and a 37-year-old Albanian convict, investigators have established that the latter got to know jailed members of the Conspiracy of the Cells of Fire while serving time for robbery and other crimes in Korydallos Prison.