One in five Greek voters aged over 71, ministry figures show

Out of a total of 9.8 million Greek citizens registered to vote in the forthcoming snap elections next week, one in five is aged over 71, according to Interior Ministry figures.

Of the 9.8 million voters, more than 2 million are aged over 71 with voters aged 42-47 accounting for 1 million of the total. There are around 900,000 voters in the age groups 36-41, 48-53 and 30-3 and 825,000 in the 60-65 age group, according to official figures.

As for the younger generation, 725,000 voters are in the 24-29 age group and 672,000 in the 18-23 bracket.

The number of voters who will be casting their ballot for the first time is 273,941. Of this number the majority — 224,272 — are people who turned 18 since the last general elections in 2012.