SYRIZA to ask for ‘technical extension’ to bailout, says leftist candidate

If SYRIZA is elected on January 25, it will be asking Greece’s foreign creditors for a “technical extension” to the bailout deal, which expires officially on February 28, a candidate for the leftist party in Athens’s second district, Nadia Valavani, told Athina 984 radio on Tuesday.

Valavani said that SYRIZA, if elected in Sunday’s tight polls, would be “asking for a technical extension to allow for a renegotiation of the debt and to submit our own proposal.”

Asked how the leftist party intends to cover a shortfall of hundreds of millions of euros in the country’s social security insurers, Valavani said that the plan is to utilize a part of the state’s asset portfolio, currently being slated for privatization under the TAIPED management agency.

“We will utilize it properly and a large part will be channeled there [to cover the social security shortfall] in the immediate future,” said Valavani.