To Potami chief confident of finances after meeting with BoG governor

Emerging from a briefing on Tuesday by Bank of Greece Governor and Former Finance Minister Yannis Stournaras in Athens, the leader of To Potami, currently polling in third place at 6-7 percent for the January 25 elections, said that the situation with the Greek economy “appears difficult but under control.”

Stavros Theodorakis seemed confident that “the Bank of Greece, in cooperation with the European Central Bank, will support Greek lenders and the deposits of Greeks, as long, of course, as the the Greeks honor their commitments and work together with the Europeans for solutions.”

Theodorakis, whose party has indicated that it is open to the possibility of cooperation with other parties in the aftermath of the elections, stressed that Greece’s place is firmly within the European Union and the eurozone and that “whether we have a government or not on Monday… no one will be able to doubt that.”

“With a strong Potami, that course will be strengthened even further,” Theodorakis said.