SYRIZA candidate promises rehiring of ‘unlawfully’ sacked civil servants

Alexis Mitropoulos, a SYRIZA candidate for Attica, on Tuesday promised that if the leftist party forms a government after Sunday’s elections, it will rehire civil servants “who were unconstitutionally and unlawfully fired” as part of Greece’s public sector streamlining.

Mitropoulos referred specifically to officers of the municipal police force, cleaning ladies for the public sector, school guards and the workers of former state broadcaster ERT, which was shut down amid controversy in the summer of 2013.

Speaking on Parapolitical 90.1 radio, Mitropoulos added that among the first pieces of legislation that would be introduced by a SYRIZA-led government would be a return of the basic salary to 751 euros a month and the so-called 13th salary bonus, as well as the abolition of the ENFIA unified property tax.

He said that SYRIZA is not currently in a position to announce its plans for new tax brackets, saying that it would first have to examine how property values are assessed.

Mitropoulos suggested that taxation would be one of the key issues addressed by SYRIZA leader Alexis Tsipras at his last campaign speech in Athens on Thursday.