Prime minister begins tour of Attica ahead of major campaign speech

Prime Minister Antonis Samaras on Tuesday began his tour of the Attica region in the build-up to his big campaign speech in central Athens on Friday, ahead of Sunday’s general elections.

“Determining in which direction the ship of this country will sail is not a matter for New Democracy and SYRIZA. It is about what kind of world you will choose for our children to live in,” Samaras told a gathering of supporters in the town of Markopoulo after a brief visit to the municipal authority in nearby Koropi.

“We have two different mentalities and we have two different worlds,” Samaras said in reference to the significant divisions between his conservative party and Alexis Tsipras’s leftist coalition.

Visiting a family-owned dairy on the outskirts of Markopoulo, Samaras praised the “Greek entrepreneurial and extroverted” character, saying “such businesses prove the huge potential of the Greek entrepreneur when he has faith.”