Poll shows SYRIZA leading 4.2 percent over New Democracy

Radical leftist SYRIZA led conservative New Democracy by 4.2 percent in a new poll conducted by pollster Rass for news website, the Athens-Macedonian news agency reported on Wednesday.

The survey was conducted on January 19 and 20 with the participation of 1003 voters and also pointed to 7 parties reaching the 3 percent mark required for Parliamentary entry.

The poll showed SYRIZA leading with 31.2 percent followed by New Democracy with 27 percent. Center-left To Potami was third with support reaching 6.3 percent, followed by the Greek communist party (KKE) with 5.5 percent, far-right Golden Dawn with 4.5 percent, Socialist PASOK with 4 percent and anti-bailout Independent Greeks with 3.1 percent.

The Movement of Democratic Socialists, founded by former Prime Minister George Papandreou earlier this month, stood at 2.2 percent.

The survey also showed that 9.5 percent of respondents were still undecided.