Independent Greeks will enter Parliament, chief says

Independent Greeks’ founder and chief Panos Kammenos appeared confident on Wednesday that the anti-bailout party would be among those elected to Parliament in Sunday’s snap elections.

Presenting his party’s positions during a press conference in Athens on Wednesday, Kammenos spoke of the possible collaboration between Independent Greeks and radical left SYRIZA if the latter were to emerge as Sunday’s winner.

The Athens-Macedonian news agency reported that Kammenos was in favor of a strategic alliance with Russia on an energy and financial level and was in a position to throw his support behind a SYRIZA administration, irrespective of whether or not his party would be invited to participate in the cabinet.

While the party would not resort to any kind of blackmail regarding an eventual ministerial spot, he said he would welcome a deputy minister position in religious affairs.

The memorandums have resulted in a humanitarian crisis, not just a financial crisis, Kammenos said, adding that the party’s principal concern was safeguarding the future of Greek families.