Greece’s pro-European prospects non-negotiable, says Potami leader

To Potami will not take part in a government which will not support Greece’s position within Europe, the center-left party’s founder and head Stavros Theodorakis, said during a press conference in Athens on Wednesday.

At the press event, Theodorakis, formerly a journalist, defined opposition SYRIZA’s program, as announced by party head Alexis Tsipras in Thessaloniki last year, as a “prayerbook.”

While noting the existence of a certain number of contradictory messages sent out by some of the radical leftist party’s officials, Theodorakis said that certain views expressed by SYRIZA’s Giorgos Stathakis and Yiannis Dragasakis were serious proposals and not far from To Potami’s own positions.

While different views were welcome within To Potami, the country’s pro-European perspective was non-negotiable, said Theodorakis.

Theodorakis said that the winner of Sunday’s snap election should invite all parties to take part in a discussion regarding Greece’s negotiation with its partners and lenders over its debt and bailout program. This should not include unilateral action and ought to safeguard Greece’s future, he added.