Poll shows SYRIZA leading ND by 4 pct

A new opinion poll showed opposition SYRIZA leading conservative New Democracy by 4 percent. The survey was carried out by Pulse on behalf of Action24 website.

The poll showed SYRIZA standing at 31 percent trailed by ND at 27 percent. To Potami was third at 6 percent, followed by ultranationalist Golden Dawn and PASOK, both at 5.5 percent. The Greek Communist Party (KKE) gathered 5 percent, followed by Independent Greeks at 3 percent, and George Papandreou’s newly launched Movement of Democratic Socialists at 2.5 percent. The poll also showed that 7.5 percent were undecided.

The survey also showed that 32 percent of participants felt that there is no Grexit threat, while 18 said there was a “small” chance that Greece will leave the eurozone.

According to the poll, the percentage of Greeks wanting consensus in talks with the troika of foreign lenders has risen from 41 percent on December 6 to 61 percent on January 20.