Prison probes violent attack against N17 convict Xeros

Authorities at Domokos Prison in central Greece were investigating over the weekend an attack by an inmate on November 17 terrorist Christodoulos Xeros.

According to Xeros’s lawyer, Fragiskos Ragousis, Xeros was assaulted by another convict on Friday night after returning to his cell following a visit from his parents. The 52-year-old terrorist was beaten unconscious, according to Ragousis, who said his client did not want to press charges against his assailant. The lawyer would not comment on speculation that the attack had been ordered by members of the Conspiracy of the Cells of Fire guerrilla group with whom Xeros had developed close ties in Attica’s Korydallos Prison.

A police raid on Xeros’s hideout in Loutraki, west of Athens, turned up memory sticks containing encrypted correspondence between an alleged accomplice of Xeros and the jailed guerrillas which pointed to plans by the latter to kill the 52-year-old.