Finnish PM says ready to discuss bailout extension for Greece

Finland is ready to discuss extensions for Greece’s bailout program if its new government can commit to existing agreements and promised structural reforms, Prime Minister Alexander Stubb said on Monday.

“We will not forgive loans but we are ready to discuss extending the bailout program or maturities … But this will not change the fact that Greece must continue economic reforms,» Stubb told reporters.

He added he considered Greece’s loan conditions already very affordable and did not see room for any radical change.

“We respect the democratic election result, but we will also stick to what has been agreed earlier…. One must remember that the whole euro crisis started from breaking of rules.”

Finland was the only euro state to demand collateral for a bailout loan for Greece in 2012 following a rise of its euro-sceptic party The Finns, formerly known as True Finns.

Stubb’s left-right coalition government faces general election in April.