The new cabinet

Greek Cabinet as of January 27, 2015

Prime Minister: Alexis Tsipras

Deputy Prime Minister: Yiannis Dragasakis

Ministry of Interior and Administrative Reconstruction

Minister: Nikos Voutsis

Alternative Ministers: Giorgos Katrougalos (Administrative Reform), Yiannis Panousis (Citizens’ Protection), Tasia Christodoulopoulou (Immigration Policy)

Deputy Minister for Macedonia-Thrace: Maria Kollia-Tsaroucha

Ministry of Economy, Infrastructure, Shipping and Tourism

Minister: Giorgos Stathakis

Alternate Ministers: Theodoris Dritsas (Shipping), Elena Kountoura (Tourism), Christos Spirtzis (Infrastructure, Transport and Networks)

Ministry of Production Reconstruction, Environment and Energy

Minister: Panayiotis Lafazanis

Alternate Ministers: Yiannis Tsironis (Environment), Vangelis Apostolou (Agricultural Development)

Deputy Minister: Panayiotis Sgouridis (Agricultural Development)

Ministry of Finance

Minister: Yanis Varoufakis

Alternate Ministers: Nadia Valavani, Dimitris Mardas

Ministry of Education, Culture and Religious Affairs

Minister: Aristides Baltas

Alternate Ministers: Nikos Xydakis (Culture), Tassos Kourakis (Education), Costas Fotakis (Research and Innovation)

Deputy Minister: Stavros Kontonis (Sports)

Ministry of Labor

Minister: Panos Skourletis

Alternate Ministers: Rania Antonopoulou (Unemployment), Theano Fotiou (Social Solidarity)

Ministry of Health and Social Security

Minister: Panayiotis Kouroublis

Alternate Minister: Andreas Xanthos (Health), Dimitris Stratoulis (Social Security)

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Minister: Nikos Kotzias

Alternate Ministers: Nikos Hountis (European Affairs), Euclid Tsakalotos (International Economic Relations)

Ministry of Defense

Minister: Panos Kammenos

Alternate Minister: Costas Isichos

Deputy Minister: Nikos Toskas

Ministry of Justice

Minister: Nikos Paraskevopoulos

Minister of State for Combating Corruption: Panayiotis Nikoloudis

Minister of State for Coordinating Government Operations: Alekos Flambouraris

Deputy: Terence Quick

Minister of State: Nikos Pappas

Government Spokesman: Gavriil Sakellaridis