Ex-revenues chief Theoharis claims political interference

The former general secretary of public revenues, Haris Theoharis, revealed in an interview with the Daily Telegraph on Saturday that he came under political pressure and received threats during his time in office.

“They wanted me to be lenient,” he told the British newspaper. “I resisted it up to a point but then I had to leave,” he said of his departure from office following the European Parliament elections in May 2014.

“I tried to wrestle the agency away from politics,” added Theoharis, who was elected to Parliament with centrist Potami. He said that he also received threatening phone calls and letters while holding the position. The former revenues chief also had a word of warning for new Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras.

“I think Tsipras is honest and determined,” he said. “But he downplays the risks of what is at stake. He underestimates the complexity that lies ahead. It’s a minefield.”