Group claims Israeli Embassy hit as anarchists argue over Xeros

The guerrilla organization Group of Popular Fighters has claimed responsibility for a shooting attack on the Israeli Embassy in Athens in December, the police said on Wednesday after collecting a memory stick with the group’s proclamation from a trash bin in Nea Smyrni.

The police were tipped off to the location of the memory stick by staff at Efimerida ton Syntakton newspaper who received an anonymous call late on Tuesday. A newspaper employee visited the location indicated by the caller but found nothing and alerted police who discovered the device and were examining it on Wednesday.

Ballistics tests on bullet casings found outside the embassy in Psychico in December showed they were fired from two Kalashnikov assault rifles used in a similar attack on the German ambassador’s residence in Halandri in December 2013. Group of Popular Fighters claimed responsibility for that hit and for a shooting at the Athens offices of the New Democracy party in January 2013.

Meanwhile, in a statement on anti-establishment website Athens Indymedia, an anonymous writer slammed jailed members of another group, Conspiracy of the Cells of Fire, for turning on their one-time ally, November 17 convict Christodoulos Xeros. They had made “a major political gaffe” in calling Xeros a “snitch” and a “traitor” without any evidence, the writer said.