No global copyright for Kalamata olives

Greece’s two most jealously protected products, feta cheese and ouzo, have been included on a list published yesterday of 41 wines, spirits, cheeses and other traditional delicacies the European Union wants protected under World Trade Organization (WTO) rules. The inclusion of feta – the EU copyright to which Greece only won last October after a 13-year struggle – and the aniseed-flavored ouzo liquor represent a victory of sorts for Athens, which had also wanted Kalamata olives listed. On August 18, Greek diplomats blocked approval of the EU list after both ouzo and the olives were rejected. The EU proposes to submit the list during a WTO meeting in Cancun, Mexico, on September 10-14, to ensure a global copyright on the 41 products. These include Parma ham, which the EU cannot sell in Canada where the trademark «Parma Ham» is reserved for a local product.