Over 10,000 hectares damaged by floods in northern Greece

Around 22,000 hectares of land on the banks of the rivers Evros, Ardas and Erythropotamos on the Greek-Bulgarian border has been flooded due to heavy rains last week and over the weekend, authorities said on Monday, with some 10,000 hectares of farmland suffering damage.

Authorities said the full extent of the damage cannot be assessed until the floodwater recedes, a process that could take several days.

Evros Deputy Regional Governor Dimitris Petrovic said there is little the authority can do until the fields are clear of flooding, but “authorities remain on alert.”

He added that the level of the Evros has started receding to safe levels.

In a related development, emergency crews on Monday rescued seven irregular migrants who were abandoned on an islet in the middle of the Evros River by their trafficker.

Their calls for help were heard by an army patrol that alerted the rescue service.