Minister eyes cuts to make room for civil service rehires

Alternate Administrative Reform Minister Giorgos Katrougalos revealed on Wednesday that it will cost almost 25 million euros to rehire some 3,900 civil servants the government believes were fired illegally but that this money would be obtained by making savings elsewhere.

Katrougalos revealed that the total cost of hiring the civil servants will be 33 million euros but that 9 million of this is already being paid in wages because some 1,600 of the public sector employees in question have appealed the decision to sack them and are still receiving their salaries, pending a final court decision.

The minister said that the difference would be covered by halving the public relations budget as well as the number of cars used by ministries.

Katrougalos said the government would also pass the task of guarding ministries to the police instead of private security firms. He added that the cleaners among the 3,900 would be hired when the government’s contracts with private cleaning firms run out.